"Chinchin BOYS"

"chinchin" means "penis"…. xD

This will always be my favorite thing.

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Map of the exact locations in Sydney’s CBD where you can view some of the scenes shown in Free!

Not just episode 12, but the ending theme as well, depicted this area.

Pilgrimage photos:

map | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5part 6

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  • me: i’m home alone i can do anything i want
  • me: no one will ever know
  • me: 
  • me: *plays Japanese songs full volume*
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No Kazuki

Please explain why he just felt up Manabu and Jin, I don’t understand

Oh my god byo, where is your Hand? XDD poor manabu and jinny haha or…did he liked it? XD

  • Reita: I'm looking for new equipment and I tried some out but it's impossible to know how it'll sound unless I try it out at a live. I have to set up a lot of stuff before the next tour.
  • Reita: After changing the strings, my whole bass somehow looks like it's satisfied. Same thing with my car or bike—after I fill them up with gas, they seem happy. People also seem happy after they've eaten. So if I change my strings while I'm also eating and during filling up gas...that sounds like it would be awesome!
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esto deberia ser considerado Porno XDDD

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anyone in sydney willing to see this band at soundwave with me?
lineup here

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カメレオ/Kameleo with new look and new release


カメレオ/Kameleo with new look and new release


kameleo カメレオ/Kameleo revealed their new look for upcoming new release.

Vo. Hikaru

_hikaru vo Gt. Takashi

_takashi gt Gt. Daisuke

_daisuke gt2 Ba. Kouichi

_kouichi ba Dr. Takeshi

_takeshi dr カメレオ/Kameleo announced that they will release new 2nd album ”ハイカラ / Haikara” on…

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